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Wild Garlic Pesto with Walnuts

A different take on a classic pesto, I love to make it with wild garlic and walnuts. This delicious pesto can be served with grilled fish/chicken/ tagliatelle with shaved Parmesan on top. At this time of year, it is exciting to see their first green shoots appearing and I find it a joy to get out in the fresh air down by the stream and pick some. Unlike normal garlic, it is only the fresh young leaves that are used, not the bulbs, which are much smaller. To me, it really feels like the first sign that spring is here.


Step 1 Wash & pick through the wild garlic leaves

Step 2 Blanch them by briefly plunging them into boiling water then removing to iced water.

Step 3 Once cool squeeze out the excess water.

Step 4 Toast the walnuts in the oven for a few minutes until the skins begin to crisp up. Allow them to cool then rub them between your palms to remove most of the brown skin, which can be a little bitter.

Step 5 Now place the leaves, walnuts, grated Vintage Devon Oke and pepper into a food processor blitz them up.

Step 6 Once it begins to resemble a paste begin to slowly trickle in the oil while continuing to blitz.

Step 7 Try to get it to emulsify to a thick sauce, but don’t worry if you don’t, it will still taste great and keep in the fridge for a week or two.

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