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Waterside Fish Pie

I like to use a mixture of smoked, white & oily fish with a little boiled egg & cheesy mash topping- but feel free to experiment once you have the basic techniques. For many years now our best selling fish pie at Waterside has been made using only Marine Stewardship Council certified sustainable fish. The range of certified products in supermarkets has increased and I would encourage you to try and buy sustainable seafood where possible.


STEP 1 Put the fish in the fish stock in a pan & bring to a simmer and put the eggs on to hard boil, 8 to 10 minutes should do, but not so much they go grey.

STEP 2 Meanwhile melt the butter in a heavy based pan, add the flour and cook gently until you have the texture of sandy breadcrumbs – this is called a ‘roux’.

STEP 3 Now ladle in a little of the stock at a time stirring vigorously between each to knock out any lumps. Keep going until you have a sauce consistency you are happy with - do not necessarily add all the stock.

STEP 4 Peel & slice the eggs

STEP 5 Gently mix together the fish with the sauce, mustard, dill, cream, anchovy sauce. Taste & season with a little pepper, the anchovy should have done for the saltiness. Put the mix into your bowl or bowls and allow to cool.

STEP 6 Later, beat the egg yolk into the mash then spread over the pie.

STEP 7 Top with cheese & bake in a medium (170°C) oven.

STEP 8 Individual pies may take only 15 to 20 minutes and a larger one more -bon appetit!

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