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Rainbow chard, new potato, ham & Sharpham rustic gratin

Rainbow chard (a mixture of white, red, yellow & pink stems) is easy to grow here in the South West and can provide something to pick most of the year round by making two sowings, one in the spring and one in the late summer. Chop them, then cook in boiling water for a few minutes until tender. You can simply pan fry them on their own with a good knob of butter, or add in the shredded leaves if you wish.


Step 1 First, cook the new potatoes, allow them to cool a little before peeling them.

Step 2 Separate the leaf from the stalks of the chard, cut the stalk into half centimetre chunks and shred the leaves.

Step 3 Cook the stalks in the stock until tender adding the leaves to cook for a minute at the end.

Step 4 Make a roux by cooking the flour and butter together gently in a sauce pan until you have a sandy texture, then begin adding in the warm stock from the chard, a little at a time, stirring well to avoid making it lumpy.

Step 5 Incorporate all the stock before adding the milk & mustard to make your sauce. Taste and season with salt and fresh black pepper to your liking.

Step 6 Gently stir in the sliced new potatoes, ham, cooked chard & half of the grated cheese.

Step 7 Pour the mixture into a suitable sized oven proof dish, top with the remainder of the cheese and the breadcrumbs and cook in a moderate oven for half an hour until golden on top.

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