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Oaty Rhubarb and Ginger Crumble

Everyone loves a good crumble and it has long been a feature on the menu at Waterside. It is a dessert that you can make throughout the year with seasonal fruit fresh from the garden. I like to make it with a good proportion of oats in the topping, to give it a crunch, and a pinch of ginger or cinnamon depending on the fruit. Try using substituting some of the oats for ground almonds or using gluten free flour. Give your guests a choice of ice cream, custard or clotted cream served with it and you may well have them asking for all three!


Recipe for a crumble dish approx. 20cm x 10cm

Rhubarb compote

Step 1 Top and tail the rhubarb and wash in cold water

Step 2 Cut into 1cm chunks, place in your dish and sprinkle with the sugar and ginger. Allow to sit for half an hour stirring occasionally

Step 3 Bake in the oven at 160ºC for approximately 25 minutes until it becomes soft but not completely losing it’s shape.

The topping

Step 1 Rub it all together with your fingertips until you have a crumbly mixture.

Step 2 Spread evenly over the cooked rhubarb and bake at 160ºC for 30 minutes.

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