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Delicious rhubarb chutney

This is my favourite chutney which I make each summer. It goes fantastically well with cheese, especially a nice goat’s cheese like the wonderful Ragstone which you can buy at Country Cheeses in Ticklemore street. After splitting my rhubarb crowns a few times over the last few years I now have more than enough rhubarb. I usually cook and fi ll the freezer with the more tender early growth to use for desserts and crumble, and then make chutney when the stems become a bit older.


Makes approximately 8 jam jars

Step 1 Simply chop the rhubarb, dice the onion then put all the ingredients except the soft dark brown sugar into a wide heavy based pan and bring to a simmer for approximately half an hour before adding the sugar.

Step 2 Stir constantly for the next hour or two until you have a good thick chutney consistency.

Step 3 Bottled in sterilised jam jars – it will keep several years!

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