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Chicken, chorizo, potato and spring onion salad

I find this delicious warm salad perfect on a summer’s day. Chorizo is made in two basic styles, ready cooked in a salami style which you can just slice and eat, and cooking chorizo which is raw and must be cooked through the same as a British style sausage. Choose the salad leaves you like the best or are the freshest on offer at your veg supplier. You can make it with rocket, crispy cos type leaves or baby spinach, which makes a really good alternative.


Step 1 First slice the chicken into small strips of even size and thickness, so they all cook evenly.

Step 2 Cut the chorizo into approximately 1cm dice, slice the potatoes.

Step 3 Heat a good non-stick frying pan and add the olive oil. When it is hot add the sliced potatoes and fry until golden on one side, then turn and add the chicken and chorizo if you are using the raw version. If you are not, don’t add the chorizo until the chicken is almost cooked as it will over cook and burn too quickly.

Step 4 When all the meats are cooked and coloured nicely, remove from the heat and then add the vinegar, lemon juice and spring onions.

Step 5 Arrange the leaves in individual bowls with the tomato and cucumber.

Step 6 At the last minute, spoon over the warm chicken and chorizo and drizzle the pan juices over to dress the salad, adding more olive oil if you prefer.

Step 7 A lovely summer dish perfect with a glass of spicy oaked Rioja.

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