An update from Matt and Delphine

A big hello from Matt, Delphine and all the team at the Waterside Bistro.

Knowing how to communicate with you during this period has been difficult. Sixteen years of trading in Totnes has meant we have formed so many strong attachments to our loyal customers, and it’s the personal touch that we are all missing during these difficult times.

As with many local businesses, the last few weeks have been difficult. The good news for our staff was the government’s announcement, which meant we were able to furlough and enrol them within the Job Retention Scheme, giving our excellent team the support they deserve.

But not having very much control over the situation, we decided to make the most of the forced time off - our garden and vegetable patch has never looked so tidy and beautiful!

We are looking now to the future of Waterside Bistro and are excited to announce we will be opening next week for takeaway service. We have a new website launching next week thanks to our marketing team Left Bridge and very soon, you will be able to order and pay online from our fantastic pizza and burger menu. Follow us on social media for updates. We will also email you with all the details.

We are certain that good times will come again, and hopefully soon, but however long it takes to beat this virus, we will be there on the other side waiting for you to welcome you at the Waterside Bistro again.

Matt & Delphine