Vegetable tagine apricots and prunes, cous cous, and mint yoghurt

I love the sweet warm spices used in this recipe and make my own blend I call Tagine spice. It has proved to be a popular dish at Waterside. Of course you can substitute for whatever is in season but at this time of year I look forward to the summery Mediterranean vegetables on offer. Leave out the yoghurt and you have a satisfying vegan meal. We have some lovely regular customers for whom who we make it without any salt, oil or sugar to accommodate their diet.

You can make up a batch of the Tagine spice to keep in the dry store for next time.


Ingredients – enough for 8 people

Enough for about 8 people.

A good slug of Bell and Loxton’s rape seed oil

250g diced onion

350g aubergine

4 cloves of garlic crushed

250g carrots

350g sweet potato

350g red peppers

350g courgette

400g tin of chick peas

800g tin of chopped tomatoes

200g dried apricots chopped roughly

200g dried prunes

200g dried dates chopped

10 heaped table spoons of tagine spice

Salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste

Add enough water to give a good consistency

Plenty of fresh chopped coriander to finish


Tagine Spice

4 parts ground cumin

4 parts ground coriander

3 parts ground tumeric

3 parts paprika

2 parts ground ginger

2 parts ground cinnamon

1 part ground nutmeg

1 part chilli powder

1 part fennel seeds


Cous Cous

500g cous cous

510g boiling water

Pinch salt

Splash of rape seed oil



250ml natural yoghurt

Juice and zest of 1 lime

A handful of mint

leaves chopped


What to do:

What to do

1. Sweat the onion in the oil until soft.

2. Add the remaining ingredients one at a time cooking them out for about 5 minutes before adding the next one.

3. Once you have added all the ingredients allow to simmer gently until the vegetables are cooked to your taste. Keep the coriander to stir in ust before serving.

4. Stir the lime and mint into the yoghurt and serve on the side.

5. Pour the boiling water onto the cous cous, salt and oil in a large bowl. Clingfilm and leave for 5 minutes before using a small whisk to fluff it up