Oysters Kilpatrick with bacon, white wine cream sauce and herb breadcrumbs

Oysters seem to be one of those divisive food stuffs, like marmite and kippers, that people seem to either love or hate, but I think that a certain amount of snobbery over the question of cooking oysters has hindered their cause. I love to eat them natural with just a splash of red wine shallot vinegar, but will readily serve them cooked in almost any fashion I would choose to cook mussels or scallops. Here is a great recipe which has been popular at Waterside Bistro over the years. Bon appétit.



Knob of butter

2 shallots diced finely

50g finely diced smoked bacon

100 ml dry white wine

200ml double cream

A few fresh breadcrumbs (which you can make on a grater)

A little grated cheddar cheese


What to do:

1. Sweat the shallots in the butter, add the bacon and cook until beginning to colour. Add the white wine.

2. Open the oysters, turn and sieve the juices into your pan.

3. Allow to reduce away to almost nothing before adding the cream.

4. Replace the oysters in their shells, and using scrunched up tin foil to hold the shells steady, place them on an oven proof dish.

5. Bring your sauce back to the boil before pouring over each oyster, sprinkling with a little breadcrumbs and cheese.

6. Cooking in a medium hot (180c) oven for 5-6 minutes until golden brown on top.

7. Serve to the table on the hot dish with a little chopped parsley over.